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Only you can make the decision on what to do in this situation. Only you know how good of a friend this person is and what you’re willing to do for them. And, at the same time, it is up to you to take care of your cat. Since you didn’t provide much information about the person, I’ve been throwing out scenarios. Based on what little knowledge I have of your particular situation (specifically what you mean by your friend hating cats and how s/he acts around them), this is what I would do in your situation. I’d have a room ready in case the situation arises where I’d want to put the cat in there for the good of everyone. However, I wouldn’t put him/her in there unless it was *absolutely* necessary. I would let the cat roam his/her home as usual and invite your friend in for a visit. Hopefully, both will ignore each other. If your cat won’t leave this new person (who keeps ignoring him/her) alone and your friend is very uncomfortable or getting upset, then I’d place the cat in another room while s/he is there providing it is no more than an hour or so. Also, you might want to weigh in your relationship with this person. I’d go out of my way more for a dear, lifelong friend over someone I’ve only known a week. That doesn’t mean that I’d be mean or rude to that new friend, but we are all willing to do different things for different relationships. Hopefully, your cat will just go about his/her business and ignore this person, so the possible need of removing him for a short period of time won’t be necessary. Now, if your friend is being mean to your cat (verbally and *especially* physically), then I would make it clear to your friend immediately that they will not treat your cat that way and, if they continue, they will be asked to leave and not come back. I would never consider putting the cat in another room due to bad behavior of your friend. S/he needs to behave appropriately no matter how much they hate cats.

Messy bun girl coffee run gangsta rap need a nap mom life shirt

Hopefully, you won’t have to do anything when your friend comes to visit except enjoy visiting with them. As I said, since we know nothing about your friend except that s/he hates cats, I’ve tried to look at different options. Just because your friend hates cats doesn’t mean that s/he will be mean toward your cat. The visit may go smoothly with no concerns at all and I *do* I hope that is how it goes. However, if your friend happens to be one who does act out toward your cat, remember that it is your job to protect your cat and no one has a right to come into your house and treat family members (human or otherwise) in a nasty way. If s/he starts acting that way toward your cat, let them know immediately that that kind of behavior is not welcome in your home and, if s/he doesn’t stop it, s/he will be asked to leave. Just to be clear, I’m not trying to disparage your friend since I know nothing about him/her except that s/he hates cats (and I don’t know why that is). I was just trying to cover all the possible bases as to what *could* happen by the little information that you provided. I do hope everything goes well and that you are able to enjoy your visit with your friend!

Messy bun girl coffee run gangsta rap need a nap mom life s unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt

Adopt the cat and absolutely make her an inside-only kitty. She will live longer and not be subject to the many awful things that can happen to her outside. The neighbors hitting the cat is terrible but there are worse things waiting for an outside cat. Getting hit by cars, attacks by wild animals, being set on fire, used as target practice, being poisoned. Anyway, cats are considered an invasive species when allowed free roaming privileges and have been responsible for the extinction of some bird species. They throw off the delicate outside ecology, so best for all to keep her inside where she belongs. Make your home cat-friendly. Get a cat tree, a scratching post, interactive toys like a wand toy, a litter box, toys she can play with by herself, a comfy bed. The cat tree is very important, providing her a special place she can retreat to when the house gets hectic, a place to sleep and climb on and play. She’ll be on it before you even finish unpacking it! Train her to walk on a harness (not collar) and leash. Have her microchipped when you take her for her shots at the vet and get her spayed which you must do as a favor to your cat. She’ll feel better because her hormones won’t be wildly fluctuating and she won’t get certain cancers and medical conditions.

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