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It wouldn’t be the Zillion Beers The Giant Shirt it is in the first place but start of a new year without millions making the resolution to get organized. For many, the goal of a clean and orderly home starts to feel impossible around the second week of January but thankfully, Marie Kondo is around to offer a little help this year. The queen of tidiness and the most recognizable name in storage have joined forces, and the result is a unique and practical collaboration.

Zillion Beers The Giant Shirt

The Container Store x KonMari tackles every aspect of organization, from bringing order to the Zillion Beers The Giant Shirt it is in the first place but household junk drawer to transforming cluttered closets into Pinterest-worthy perfection. Available on Kondo’s and the Container Store’s site today, and launching in stores on January 15, the collection arrives at precisely the right moment, a fact Kondo is aware of. “The new year is a wonderful time to get started on the organization process,” shared Kondo via Zoom from Japan. “A goal of mine is helping as many people as possible tidy up their spaces.”

Zillion Beers The Giant Shirt Hoodie trang

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