Ifivethetee – Zelda hyrule crest tie dye outline shirt

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They’re not just helping consumers, but companies. If a brand wants to develop plastic free packaging, but doesn’t know where to start, Zero Grocery will design (and sell) it for you.

Zelda hyrule crest tie dye outline shirt

Sounds easy? That’s the point: “I know what’s like to be stretched and trying to work to be better about sustainability,” she says. “I wanted to create this community where you don’t need to worry about how to participate.”

Zelda hyrule crest tie dye outline s Hoodie

Here’s how it works: first (and obviously) you shop online. From there, Zero delivers your food in eco-friendly totes. Food is packaged in reusable glass jars, or in compostable containers. Upon your next order, Zero will pick up all their supplies and bring them back to their warehouse—completing the closed loop system. Essentially: “We’re like a modern day milk man,” explains Strasner.

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  6. Wait for your shirt and let’s take a photograph.

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