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The new Trumpy Lindsey Graham occupies a changed landscape, or perhaps his Trumpism changed the Hard Rock cafe Hogwarts shirt also I will do this landscape. Whatever it is, Lindsey’s Senate seat is no longer the safe southern seat he inherited from segregationist Strom Thurmond. In fact, the Cook Political Report just moved his state from Lean Republican to Toss Up. But the gentleman from South Carolina will not go quietly into that good night, despite the fact that his opponent just raised the most money a Senate candidate has ever raised in one quarter: $57 million. Some people might take that as a sign that people don’t want them in office any longer. But not Lindsey. Lindsey will not be deterred, and he now occupies his days begging for money on Fox News, saying he’s getting “killed financially.”

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Hard Rock cafe Hogwarts shirt

This week was supposed to be a good week for Graham. As Jessica Taylor wrote in Cook earlier this month, “There is one remaining Hail Mary for Graham—the Hard Rock cafe Hogwarts shirt also I will do this Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett that begin next week, in which he’ll have the starring role as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.” The hearings should have been an easy win. After all, the vote is all but a done deal. The Republicans have the votes; the Democrats are merely chasing windmills. Hell, Lindsey even tricked Dianne Feinstein into hugging him, thus infuriating Democrats and decent people everywhere.

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