Hottopshirt – Block his number and let lil ugly have him shirt

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A lot of the public faith has been lost because of the Trump era. We have our work cut out for us—I know that—but I think that having a forward-looking agenda instead of having a president that wakes up every morning and says, “How can I get revenge against someone I hate?” and instead says, “How many cases of coronavirus are there in Duluth, Minnesota today,” that would be a big improvement.

Block his number and let lil ugly have him shirt

Part of healing is accountability. The second thing is, what I’m going to do and Joe Biden’s going to do, is end the grim era of demonization. For people who actually may have supported Trump, but want to make this country a better place, it’s time to work as a team and unite, because not everyone was in the angry mob that mobbed the Capitol, right? We have to remember that—even if they don’t agree with us on everything. We had a number of Republicans who sided with us on acknowledging and congratulating Joe Biden on being president. Vaccine distribution…bringing our economy back…it’s going to get done faster and better if we can work together.

Block his number and let lil ugly have him Hoodie den

Though January provides an annual opportunity for switch-ups and overhauls, some things are eternal—like a classic cherried lip. For a scroll-stopping reference point, look to Selena Gomez, whose perfectly painted red pout proved that certain beauty notes span both time and trend. Makeup artist Hung Vanngo took to Instagram this afternoon to share a capture of the pop star, who augmented a tousled blowout with a painstaking application of a buoyant red (Lip Souffle Matte Cream in Inspire) plucked from her own line, Rare Beauty.

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