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Hc_location=ufiMalachi Williams aI can assure you I’ve never had to collect a dime of UE in my 32 years of working. We don’t care about your baseless opinions see some companies just starting laying off. What I wonder is what they did while they where unemployed in the past and never filed an unemployment case maybe people actually kept a job and never was unemployed.

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Just be honest and tell the people you have no idea what the viris is. Governments have no asnwer so the best they could do was, ‘ make them wear masks’. Joshua Wertheim hey at least were not riotong and causing millions of dollar’s of property damage all while not wearing a mask, but good try little buddyHaha very clever I saw what you did there.

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Making it illegal to wear a mask with the Confederate flag on it would also do the trick. I just don’t see how the media is helping by creating fear and panic. You people are whining like we have 14 millions dead and bodies laying in a streetsHelena Thornton forget talking to a blind sheeple like Tony the tool.

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