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“My classes were made remote in April 2020 when the pandemic broke out in Sydney. I felt nervous, alone, and scared—particularly as cases increased. I didn’t leave the house. I decided to travel back home to Taiwan with a friend in April, and preparing to fly was psychologically traumatic. We prepared raincoats, glasses, gloves—almost anything we thought could protect us physically.

Best Stepmom Ever Mothers Day Gift Flower Shirt

“Quarantine was made bearable due to online classes and COVID-19 cases were not as significant then, but as infections rose, we wore masks everywhere outside and stayed at home [when] possible. My family has provided comfort when I’ve felt lonely, but I hope I can return to university in person before I graduate next year.”

Best Stepmom Ever Mothers Day Gift Flower Shirt Hoodie den

“In normal circumstances, I’m an incredibly anxious person, but the pandemic has made it much worse. I feel drained in every way, yet I somehow also feel like I’m not doing enough with my time. Virtual learning has been much more difficult than I think anyone expected it to be, and a lot of my internships and shadowing opportunities have either become virtual or have been cancelled altogether—I feel anxious about my future, grades, and my social life.

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