Dtkshirt – LGBT I survived snovid-21 #Texasstrong shirt

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Celebrating her body just as it is, model Neelam Kaur Gill wrote an inspiring ode to her stretch marks. “Please don’t allow society or social media to make you feel less than,” she said. “You are unique. You are beautiful. You are brilliant.” Then, a glistening Lizzo serenaded followers with “Georgia On My Mind,” to remind Georgians of the LGBT I survived snovid-21 #Texasstrong shirt moreover I love this importance of getting out to vote for the U.S. Senate runoff elections, while Janaya Future Khan made time for nature and reflection, sharing an empowering sentiment: “Remember there is beauty,” they wrote. “You are beautiful… our strength will not be determined by how much suffering we endure.” Finally, Abena Boamah, founder of Hanahana Beauty, was all glow and smiles as she looked back on some of her lessons of 2020, offering a great reminder for us all: “If there is one thing I learned in 2020… it’s that anything is possible, good, bad, [and] in-between, so all I can do is my best.”

LGBT I survived snovid-21 #Texasstrong shirt

Throughout the LGBT I survived snovid-21 #Texasstrong shirt moreover I love this political tumult of 2020, one of the most prominent voices to become a source of healing and hope was Janaya Future Khan, whose rapidly-growing audience across social media now numbers in the hundreds of thousands. But while the activist’s weekly Sunday Sermons on Instagram provided a necessary forum for those looking to reflect and regroup during the pandemic and the instances of police brutality that sparked a renewal of energy behind the Black Lives Matter movement, Khan’s activism extends much further back—all the way to their childhood, spent between Toronto and Florida, and their subsequent years as a competitive boxer.

LGBT I survived snovid-21 #Texasstrong s Hoodie den

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