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“I don’t have the answer to racism. It permeates every facet of our lives. If you scratch the surface, it won’t take long to discover the misguided and casual anti-Asian racism harbored by even your closest friends and family. It is rife. It has become so normalized, I almost didn’t question the countless occasions I found myself on the receiving end of it in the UK, in this industry. “We have to work together to call out and reject the everyday racism, xenophobia, and the stigma that so many of us turn a blind eye to every day in our industry. We can also support advocacy groups including Stand Up To Racism and End The Virus of Racism.”

They Told Me I Was Different Best Compliment Ever Shirt

The four fashion capitals—New York, Paris, London, Milan—are the obvious destinations where aspiring models flock to in the hopes of getting discovered and making it big. But in South Texas, emerging model Fish Fiorucci is hoping to foster a different kind of fashion community—one where underrepresented talent can find work, and in the process, maybe even give those in major cosmopolitan cities a run for their money. So far, Fiorucci has been able to scout models such as Alejandro Garcia from all over Texas. They’ve scored their models jobs for buzzy shows such as Bode, and have even gotten a few models signed to bigger agencies as well, such as IMG and New York Models. Ultimately, the goal of the agency is to help Texas-based models not only get work, but the right kind of work. “I want to book them jobs that are over-the-top and extra,” says Fiorucci.

They Told Me I Was Different Best Compliment Ever Shirt hoodie black

“When we hear the term ‘racism,’ the Asian race often goes under the radar, although we are all aware that Asians have constantly been the target of discrimination. The issue is only being highlighted now because Asian minorities are facing tragic losses, stemming from provocations by Donald Trump. Although Asia is deemed an important market in the apparel industry, the impact and influence of Asian culture in the history of fashion is not highlighted and credited enough.”

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